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This is one of my favorite adjectives in real life.  Not only does it describe a very rare form of teen slut but it also sounds just like what it means.  I mean if you hear someone say "damn that's one nubile girl" you know he isn't saying she is some fat skag-nasty chick walkin' around with only three teeth and a bad case of the gout, y'know?  Its obvious he is talking about a barely legal babe who just oozes sex in that very hot way. In slang this word has become something different than what it was originally.  It has become a noun like the word MILF which is actually almost an antonym of nubile.  Now here's the specifics on the word itself:

Definition of Nubile

Main Entry:



(noo'bi'l )


French, from Latin nubilis which means "tight teen twat"


Nubility (noun), Nubiles (plural)


adjective, noun (slang)


  1. Sexually mature and attractive, used of a young woman
  2. Soft skined, svelte, young, and very VERY sexual
  3. A teen girl who is of legal age but just barely and exhibits all the characteristics of high attractiveness as well as virginal qualities even though she may or may not be a virgin.


Oh my gawd, did you see that girl at the mall?  Talk about nubile, I could fuck her all day long!
Did you see that nubile that just walked by?  She was fuckin hot!
Mr. Johnson, is your nubile daughter a freshman or sophomore in college?


Young, teen, barely legal


MILF, mature, old, ugly

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