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So you're sitting at home watching the telly with the missus and you start to fancy a quick snog and a bit of how's your father, right?  Of course you bloody well cant fuck your wife, she'll have none of it, so what's a bloke to do?  Well your John Thomas is in for a treat because there's all kinds of buggering going on, you just have to find it.  Don't fanny around, all you have to do is tell the wife that you are going to "walk the dog", get a little squiffy, head down to the pitch, and bobs your uncle... you will be starkers and roggering all the totties and slappers you lay your eyes on in no time.  That's how you define dogging, but make sure you skive the bobbies because they are sure to cause a row if they see you getting all rumpy bumpy and you may very well do some porridge for your trouble.  For a more.. uh... American definition of dogging, read on.

Definition of Dogging

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From the British expression, "walking the dog" as an excuse to spouses when used as subterfuge for an anonymous sexual encounter.


Doggin', Dogger


transitive verb


  1. The act of having Sex in public, most often practiced in cars or rural parks
  2. Having anonymous sex in public places with multiple partners and onlookers while swinging
  3. Practicing Exhibitionism while being watched by anonymous and multiple voyeurs who can also be asked to join in the dogging fun


I think we ought to go dogging this evening
I saw a crazy couple fucking their brains out when I was out dogging the other night

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