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There is a new sexual sensation sweeping the British Isles where people who call themselves doggers go out to car parks and fuck like mad monks with complete and udder strangers.  Its a crazy mix of exhibitionism, voyeurism, swinging, glory holes and anonymous group sex all rolled into one.  I gotta admit that this is hot shit even with the awful teeth.  The good news is that it has migrated across the pond to the states and there are lots of lists of places doggers hang out here in the US that you can find if you look around.  If you still arent quite sure what all this is then check out our definition of dogger below and it should clear things right  up.

Definition of Dogger

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From the British "dogging"


Doggers (plural), Dogging (transitive verb)




  1. One who engages in the act of dogging
  2. An exhibitionist who puts on 'shows' in public places and enjoys voyeur doggers watching
  3. A voyeur who watches exhibitionist doggers have sex in public places with their knowledge
  4. Swingers who either initiate or join in with exhibitionist doggers having sex in public


Look at those doggers getting it on in that public bathroom
I am a dogger but I only like to be watched when I play with myself in the car
I love to go to the park and jump in the mix of a big group of doggers fucking in full view of everyone

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