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This is not a normal link list!

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How would you like to instantly trade links with hundreds of other sites on your free sites?  Has it always been too much trouble working out all the trades with other webmasters and making sure they don't screw you?

Now its easy!  Add your site to the database and paste the code on your links page.  Every niche site that is in the database (as well as a few other niche sites thrown in for filtering) will be rotated randomly on an hourly basis and put onto your site through a couple of lines of php.  When your free site with the code on it is approved into the program, it will be on the other sites in the database instantly no other work on your part is needed at all.  That means you get hundreds of links to your site from sites already getting traffic, not just one little spot among thousands that you get on a typical link list.

Here's a quick snapshot of this system:

  • No reciprocals (as we know them)

  • Permanent links - no ratios

  • Hundreds of links to your site from one submission, instantly

  • Constant flow of traffic forever

  • No link list ads to get the sale first

  • Multiple forms of traffic flow

  • Very high SE link popularity to your site

  • No more checking to see if link trades are still up

  • Very flexible - can be on a page with whatever marketing you want on it as well

  • Get bonuses like higher listings at some linklists, click here for the list of bonuses

Just think of the link popularity you will have... on free sites, no less!

All of the links are done by seamless php calls so the spiders will see them and follow them all, never knowing you didn't hand code it all.  Hundreds of links from thousands of domains all contributing their link popularity to your site with very little effort on your part.  All of your free sites can have big pr numbers targeting keywords just like you have always done.  Imagine having all of your free sites in the top 25 to 50 search results for all those keyphrases.  We are talking serious SE traffic and all you have to do is start submitting to make it happen.

UPDATE! 4/13/04:
Almost every site listed in the EZ Link Trade System now has a pr4 on at least one page!
Get your free sites into the system so they will have higher page ranks right now!

No maintenance needed - its all done automatically after you paste the code...

This program is completely painless.  The codes have been made for you and once they are pasted onto your free sites they will automatically be updated with new sites and the same will happen with the link to your site on the new sites.  You will be getting new traffic from new sources all the time without any work being done to it at all from then on!

You never have to check link trades again to make sure they are still up...

We watch for cheaters and make sure only quality sites are in the database.  If someone yanks the code they are instantly discovered by the bot and removed from the database.  If they try to cheat we will catch them, period.  You will have links on your site only to sites which are contributing to your bottom line.  Paste the code, submit it to the places you normally do and forget it.  You get your site listed on new sites that get traffic from other sources without you doing a thing.  It cant get any easier than that

Get the benefit of other webmasters talents by contributing your own into the pool

Some webmasters are very good at getting SE traffic, some are better at linklist traffic, and still others are good with toplists or self fed traffic, the list goes on and on, but you get all of those webmasters contributing surfers into the network just like you do.  That means even if you have no clue how to make use of toplists effectively you get quality toplist traffic because of the contributions of the webmasters who do.  Same thing with se traffic or linklist traffic or whatever... you get the good stuff by focusing on what you are good at.  Click here for the traffic flowchart

Big time, niche specific traffic and better SE ranking for just a little copy and paste work.

All of that comes with the package.  The price you pay?  Pasting a couple of lines of code onto your free sites before you submit them like you normally do.  Thats it.  No fees, no ratios, no jumping through hoops, no bullshit, just lots of traffic through permanent link trades and very little work to do it.

Get fresh new traffic - put in all your old sites too

Once you paste the code onto your site it is eleigable to be in the database.  There are no limits on the number of sites you are allowed to put into the system.  Get some fresh traffic into your network by making it a part of this one!

You have nothing to loose and only traffic to gain so...
Start Submitting your sites NOW!